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Studio Ghibli meets

Arya Stark in this YA fantasy

Luce always thought there would be a moral line she’d know not to cross. Turns out, she’ll sprint past it in order to take a stand. 


In a starkly patriarchal world where control of the weather means control of a kingdom, the wind riders are everything Luce ever wanted to be: confident, powerful, unquestionable. All the things she’s not. When the High King’s men murder her grandmother, Luce runs from their pursuit and toward the wind riders, determined to join them, gain power and access, and discover why her beloved grandmother had been targeted. But she finds it’s not enough to be as good as or even better than the other (male) wind riders. She must shout to be heard. She must rage to be undeniable. Aided by a strange affinity with the wind and an alliance with a rebellious Crown Prince, Luce will unleash a storm to overturn the kingdom, uncover the truth, and claim her place.

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