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Horizon Zero Dawn meets Alice in Wonderland and The Matrix in this

YA science fiction

masquerading as fantasy

On the island of Eden, humanity’s sole survivors are alone in the world, battered by climate change (thanks, pre-End humans!), and dependent on the biannual supplies delivered by the FeNyx, their god. Under these precarious conditions, it’d be a disaster if the FeNyx’s oracle were out of touch. Fortunately, eighteen-year-old calculating hustler Frankie has perfected the charade of being god-touched. Though he lost his prescience a year ago, his keen observations and deft lies have pulled him through and guaranteed him the community’s adulation—until now.


When Frankie fails to foresee the FeNyx abandoning them and withholding critical supplies, the community blames him for the god’s wrath. Frankie faces exile from his home and the only known community on Earth—unless he can explain the mystery of the missing gifts and his own lost prescience. But as he digs for the answers, he soon learns that not all that glitters is god, and he’s not the only one who’s been lying for his own ends.

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