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Horizon Zero Dawn meets Alice in Wonderland and The Matrix in this

YA science fiction

masquerading as fantasy

The oracle to a fire-and-sun deity should be able to see the future. Instead, eighteen-year-old calculating hustler Frankie hides that he lost that prescience long ago. He lives on Eden, a post-apocalyptic island paradise where life ticks along like clockwork: the world’s sole survivors petition the FeNyx with their needs, the god delivers its gifts twice a year on Godsend, and Frankie acts as the god’s voice. While Frankie’s not really part of Eden’s community, he is above it—and he’s convinced himself this is even better.


When Frankie fails to foresee the FeNyx’s abandonment for the second Godsend in a row, and the island faces shortages of crucial supplies, Eden’s matriarch demands he be the scapegoat for the god’s presumed wrath. Frankie faces an exile that bodes certain death—unless he can explain the mystery of the missing gifts and his own lost prescience. But as he digs into the mystery, he soon learns that not all that glitters is god, and he’s not the only one who’s been lying for his own ends.

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