A Very Strange Enchanted (YA Circus Fantasy)


To fund his next war, the King of Ravalia is hosting the Revel, a massive world’s fair. Those who most astonish the King during the Revel can earn his favor and have one wish granted. For a ragtag found family, the Revel is the chance of a lifetime: Restrained tightrope-walking Quinn seeks to bring his brother home from war and reunite with his family. Embittered fencer Jaq seeks to end her betrothal to a dangerous man and become Ravalia’s first female ringmaster. Earnest tiger-tamer-in-training Ace seeks his ringmaster father’s acknowledgment. And calculating royal hostage Kelse seeks to bring about the King’s ruin. As the Revel approaches, these outsiders will challenge each other to quit the lies and be fully who they are, for it is only when they stand in their truths that they can be truly astonishing.

The Forgotten (YA Superhero Fantasy)

“Everything is fine.”

When Ev, a defensive and self-isolating young woman, wakes up in a Gothic hospital to discover her memory erased, she realizes her ability to survive may depend on her ability to trust, and trust wisely—but who?


“You’ve been gathered here for a series of harmless tests.”

Certainly not the armed guards manning the periphery, or the host, a three-piece suit called Mr. Jenson, who says she and the other teens have been gathered to undergo a series of harmless tests. Possibly not even her fellow amnesiacs, which include Aidan, a combative young man who seems to recognize her, and Jane, a young woman who insists that the superhero comic books on the tables before them contain clues to their situation.

“Thank you for your willing participation.”

When the brutal psychological tests begin, Ev finds her ability to trust sorely challenged as an injection that makes them face their worst nightmares gives her glimpses of a past filled with betrayal, while the hallucinations of the second test fuel her paranoia. If she can survive the threat of psychotic collapse in the first test or death in the second, the final test may just reward her with insight into the purpose of this facility and the mastermind behind it.

Wind Rider​ (YA Fantasy)

All sixteen-year-old Luce wants is to prove her competence as a healer to her grandmother. But strange men in the High King’s colors murder her grandmother before she gets the chance. Luce escapes the men with two burning needs: to survive and to hunt down the truth about her grandmother’s death. For if she can learn the truth, then maybe she’ll understand her own life and why her grandmother never trusted her with her secrets. 


Luce’s search leads her to enter the ranks of the Elyudine, the elite wind riders of the kingdom’s air force. Her journey takes her right into the High King’s castle and the Crown Prince’s inner circle. But even as she discovers an uncanny affinity with the wind and a strange rapport with the prince, she must confront the limitlessness of her own ambition. Unmasking her grandmother’s killers will lead her straight to the line she thought she would never cross as a healer. Turns out, she’ll sprint over it if it will get her closer to her goal. 



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