As an only child, growing up, my favorite pastime was to jump on my trampoline, blast music on the boombox, and daydream. For hours. I'd take the fantasy books I was reading and insert myself in them, adding new characters, new plot lines. I'd spend days reimagining a particular scene, getting the setting, the banter, the pacing just right. 


It wasn't until 7th grade that I started turning this now-obvious love of storytelling and revision into writing. I wrote 15 chapters of an epic fantasy loosely inspired by (i.e., plagiarizing entirely) Lord of the Rings. It was called The Plight of Gryfferniad. 

That project is long gone to history, but I still write YA fantasy. Bear Maiden and the Boy Magician, my first completed work, is a fairy-tale novella that can be found here. I've also written three novels.

I have an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University L.A. I am an editor for a K-12 educational book packager. In my free time, I can be found swing dancing around Minneapolis, teaching the movement practice Qoya to an incredible community of women, or training for my next major hike.

As for the Blog

Aside from being a creative writer, I am also a dreamer, philosopher, and deep psyche diver. All of this means I am prone to thinking too much.


My blog is where I collect these musings. Some posts are about writing: craft, discipline, residencies, etc. Other posts emerge from my challenges and experiences of being a woman in a society that likes to beat women down. As a Qoya instructor and magic-seeker, I also write about living an embodied and enchanted life. 

My intention is to post every week on Sunday mornings. I am not this consistent, however. You can sign up to receive these posts via email here.


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