• Meg Gaertner

My Roaring Twenties

I’ve been eagerly waiting to turn 30 ever since I turned 29—so ready to start a new era. And finally, it’s my 30th birthday. But before I lindy hop into the sunset and close this chapter of my life, I want to honor everything that’s happened this past decade.* So, here’s how my 20s have gone:

I graduated college and got a master’s degree in creative writing.

I moved from Ohio to Minnesota and built an incredible community here, found “my people,” made my home.

I traveled to Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Canada, France, Italy, and Switzerland.

I worked five jobs in three completely different fields—social work, education, and publishing.

I discovered a love of writing. I wrote three books and two novellas; got an agent; lost an agent; attended residencies, workshops, and conferences; started a blog; and won a mentorship through Pitch Wars.

I began and ended an abusive relationship, and had two other long-term relationships, each one healthier than the last. I tried online dating and speed dating and meeting people “in the wild.” I loved. I was loved. I broke hearts. I had my heart broken. I learned to be comfortable and at peace with being single.

I discovered Qoya, did my teacher training, and began teaching classes.

I took up swing dancing.

I tried the flying trapeze.

I also tried peyote, LSD, mushrooms, and weed.

I power-walked up mountains in Colorado and in the Alps. I skinny-dipped in the Pacific Ocean.

I got my first tattoo.

I got my nose pierced. It healed too quickly and I've given up on piercings.

I got my appendix removed.

I discovered an intense resilience. I developed a relationship with my body that is affirming and filled with respect.

As I look back over this past decade, I acknowledge, with true, heartfelt certainty, that I really love who I am. I love the life I’m living. I’m freer than I’ve ever been. And I’m fucking rocking it.

So here’s to my 20s. Thank you for all the hard moments that have forced me to step into my power. Thank you for all the sweetness, the reminders to savor without reservation.

Now, on to my 30s!

As Emily** put it,

I dwell in Possibility –

A fairer House than Prose –

More numerous of Windows –

Superior – for Doors –

Of Chambers as the Cedars –

Impregnable of eye –

And for an everlasting Roof

The Gambrels of the Sky –

Of Visitors – the fairest –

For Occupation – This –

The spreading wide my narrow Hands

To gather Paradise –

*Disclaimer: Any strange ideas and impure thoughts are solely my own. (Also, the pastry is a "Mont Blanc"appropriate, as I hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc this past summer.)

**Emily Dickinson

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