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#Writerlyresolutions Day 4

Here's Day 4 of the #writerlyresolutions challenge! The prompt: to share my goals for 2018!

I'm feeling ambitious this year, so let's go with these:

  • The Forgotten (currently on submission to editors): Do two more rounds of submission this year. In between rounds, revise my novel based on editorial feedback.

  • Game plan: Brainstorm revisions with my agent in January. Make revisions in February. Submit to a new round of editors in March. Wait. If it comes to it, brainstorm revisions again in July. Make revisions in August. Submit to a new round of editors in September. Wait. If no bites by the end of 2018, reevaluate the project.

  • Wind Rider (a work-in-progress): Finish the novel and get it ready for agent feedback by the end of the year.

  • Game plan: Finish global brainstorming before the New Year. Decide if this will be one book or two. By my June residency, have the full draft completed and the first part (the already written part) revised and polished. Spend the rest of the year revising the second half of the novel. Hand it over to my agent for her review in November or December. Make a game plan for submitting it to editors in 2019.

  • Middle Grade novel (an outlined WIP): Finish a draft.

  • Game plan: Finish brainstorming the project by ordering scenes in order of rising tension. Then just write. No revisions allowed!

  • Antioch University: Graduate and get my MFA in Creative Writing in June 2018!

  • Game plan: Keep rocking the program. Give a kick-ass graduate student presentation and public reading at my final residency. Party like a BAMF when it's all done. Viva la Saffrons (my cohort)!

The #writerlyresolutions podcast is live! You can listen to my discussion with R.R. Campbell about writerly goal-setting HERE. It was a great conversation, and I certainly felt more inspired about my goals after talking with him. To continue the conversation, tweet your thoughts at #writerlyresolutions or @MEGaertner or respond below. What goals are you setting for 2018?

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