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#Writerlyresolutions Day 3

Here's Day 3 of the #writerlyresolutions challenge! The prompt: to share unexpected successes from the past year.

Because let's face it - we can't plan for everything, we can't predict inspiration, and we can't imagine every single opportunity heading our way. The lesson here is to let our goals be flexible. If we allow ourselves the space to follow what most interests us in each moment, inspiration can lead us down some pretty interesting paths.

Here's my grand (probably non-exhaustive) list of bonus projects I did not plan for last December:

  • I brainstormed books 2 and 3 of my Forgotten series. If I get a deal for the first book, I can hand over my vision for the rest of the series right away.

  • I wrote half of a second, unrelated fantasy novel. The whole book is brainstormed and outlined.

  • I brainstormed and outlined a third, unrelated middle grade novel.

  • I wrote my first ever flash fiction piece (currently on submission). I find writing fiction shorter than 40,000 words to be nearly impossible, so I'm pretty proud of this one.

  • I built this website! I also blogged consistently for at least five months.

  • I started Twitter and Instagram accounts, presumably for "branding" and "author platform" purposes. Is this an unexpected success or me being sucked down a black hole? Only time will tell.

  • I got a new job in editing at a book developer, and, by virtue of some higher being wanting a good laugh, will have 24 nonfiction kids' books published under my name in fall 2018!

How about you, dear reader? What bonus projects or unexpected successes surprised and delighted you this past year?

For more on writerly goal-setting, keep an ear out for my discussion with R.R. Campbell on setting resolutions as writers. The podcast* will go live tomorrow!

*The podcast is now available HERE.

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