• Meg Gaertner

A Life Worth Living

If you consider winter a gestational period, then I’ve been planting a heck of a lot of seeds, tending my garden of intentions and dreams, and praying for sunshine.

As the Twin Cities begins to experience the miracle called spring, it feels like things are finally happening. Those little seeds are starting to break open, break the surface, rise.

I have been accused of being impatient before, and I have no problem confessing to it. My impatience makes it hard to wait for other people to do their part of the process (*cough querying cough job applications cough*).

But at least I know that I’m doing all that I can, doing my part, actively participating and embracing all that the moment offers.

And this is it. This moment, right now.

There are many ways to survive a life but only one way to live it, and that is to live it wholeheartedly.

I’ve heard it said that life is like a roller coaster.

Some people have their hands up in the air catching at the wind, their eyes wide open and eager to see the world from such great heights, such unexpected vistas. They scream with abandon and laughter spills out of them at the rush.

Others ride with their hands tightly clenching the safety bar, their eyes squeezed shut, choking down the panic that might become exhilaration if they would just open their mouths and let it out. They ride like they were forced into it.

Both groups of people will end up in the same place. The ride ends eventually. Everyone has to get off, give someone else a turn (unless, of course, your religious beliefs say you can keep buying more tickets and coming back for another go).

If the ending is inevitable, if the ending is a given, then all we really have choice over is how we get there. We can choose to anxiously keep our eyes shut, treating life like some fatal disease we’ve had the misfortune of contracting. Or we can embrace each moment for what it is, embrace all of the nuances of life with its light and its shadows.

If you’re on the ride anyway, why not enjoy it?

I don’t like roller coasters. But I love life, and I know how I want to live it:


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