• Meg Gaertner

Gratitude for the Shadows

To whoever is out there—God, Allah, the universe, the expanded consciousness of my own divine self—I thank you.

I thank you for the gently whimsical dance of candlelight, the soothing and illuminating rays of sunlight, the warmth of flame, the spark of life within.

More importantly, thank you for the dark side of life, the underbelly of the cosmic ground that makes such light possible.

Thank you for shadows, the shadows of night, the shadows of life’s experience, the shadows in my own soul: shadows which have required me to discover within the flames of courage and the spark of unflinching love for myself and for others.

Thank you for darkness, the darkness that has made the first flickering light of day, of hope, of joy so exquisitely and painfully bright that, wincing with sight, my eyes overflow with tears.

Thank you for all aspects of experience, for all aspects of myself.

May I honor all of it today in my actions and in my words.

#reflection #shadows

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