• Meg Gaertner

The Far Side of Fear

Take a step toward your dream.

Does it scare you?

That fear is a good sign.

It means you’re reaching for something beyond yourself.

It means you are being called to expand, to grow beyond your limitations.

If you feel fear, it means you are being forced to recognize you are bigger than you thought.

Imagine the vertigo of standing on a cliff, seeing the horizon open before you.

You want to step back from the edge, but they’re telling you to jump, they’re pushing you off and yelling at you to fly.

You are not allowed to be small anymore.

Smallness does not look good on you, sweetheart, not when your wings are waiting to be flexed.

If you feel fear—that just means you are fast approaching the wall you put up between what is possible and impossible.

The universe does not recognize that boundary, and what to you looks like concrete is really just an open door.

So close your eyes.

Deep breath in.

Full exhale out.

Imagine you’re at Platform 9 ¾, if you like.


Now open your eyes, and you’ve passed through to the other side.

The other side of fear is love.

#reflection #dreaming

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