• Meg Gaertner

Step Boldly in the Direction of Your Dreams

The following reflection comes from a quick 20-minute writing break shared with a dear friend as we sat outside a cafe and pondered the above quote.

I walk down the path of my heart’s longing and see the universe part before me, openings upon openings, nothing but the vastness of my own imagination and passion before me. I am my own Moses. I am my own God. I am my own Noah, and I am my own ark. But in the whisper underneath my breath, beneath my long lithe limbs-turned-wings, entangled in my sun-kissed hair, submerged in flowing water, carried along the green wind…in that whisper I hear the chorus of humanity, the songs of those that came before and the sweet hums of those waiting for their turn upon the stage.

I see the whole consciousness of the universe, the deep breathing, vibrating thrum of a collective heartbeat pulsing with each wingbeat, each rush of a breeze, each clinking glass and each clatter of silverware against a plate. I recognize myself in all things and I see all things in me, and if I am parting the universe with my thoughts and dreams, it is because I am the universe and the world is mine to create and my dreams are mine to follow. If I am parting the universe with my dreams, it is because each bold step forward shifts the world more to rightness, brightens the colors made available to our sight, enhances the senses, and brings us closer to our truth which is to say The Truth. If I am in this world, it is because I am of this world, it is because I am this world, and the world is not complete, is not whole, is not perfect unless I am myself, unless I am my dreams embodied.

Nobody else can dream the dreams I dream, you dream. The world needs dreamers. The only cure for a nightmare is to wake up and realize a new dream. So step boldly in the direction of your dreams, see the universe part before you, hear the cries of elation of all your fellow souls, and feel the world become right again.

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