August 2, 2015

Take a step toward your dream.

Does it scare you?

That fear is a good sign.

It means you’re reaching for something beyond yourself.

It means you are being called to expand, to grow beyond your limitations.

If you feel fear, it means you are being forced to recognize you are bigger than you thought.

Imagine the vertigo of standing on a cliff, seeing the horizon open before you.

You want to step back from the edge, but they’re telling you to jump, they’re pushing you off and yelling at you to fly.

You are not allowed to be small anymore.

Smallness does not look good on you, sweetheart, not when your wings are waiting to be flexed.

If you feel fear—that just means you are fast approaching the wall you put up between what is possible and impossible.

The un...

August 1, 2015

What are you afraid of?

Better yet – what are you afraid to dream of?

What dream do you hold only in the slightest suspension of breath deep in your gut,                                                         in the smallest, most hidden of places within?

Why protect it so hard, unless it is truly vulnerable?

Why should it be vulnerable, unless it is truly you?

What is that dream of yours that—should you breathe a word of it                                                                                     or even dare to take one tentative step toward it—could spiral out of your control and...

July 24, 2015

What did your mother dream of, when you were but a thought in her mind? A bud waiting to blossom within her? What desires did she have on your behalf? What world did she want you to grow up in?

What did you dream of, as a little girl? What whimsies tickled your mind and set your imagination soaring? What secrets did the wind whisper in your young ears? What did your eyes, sharper with youth, see and discover?

What did you dream of, as a young maiden? What longings caught your breath, flushed your cheeks, and set your heart to racing? What passions stirred your mind and carried you to new horizons?

What did you dream of, as a new mother? What fears and hopes did you hold within you, embodied in a precious seed? What did the world look like, seen...

July 10, 2015

The following reflection comes from a quick 20-minute writing break shared with a dear friend as we sat outside a cafe and pondered the above quote.

I walk down the path of my heart’s longing and see the universe part before me, openings upon openings, nothing but the vastness of my own imagination and passion before me. I am my own Moses. I am my own God. I am my own Noah, and I am my own ark. But in the whisper underneath my breath, beneath my long lithe limbs-turned-wings, entangled in my sun-kissed hair, submerged in flowing water, carried along the green wind…in that whisper I hear the chorus of humanity, the songs of those that came before and the sweet hums of those waiting for their turn upon the stage. 

I see the whole consciousness o...

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