As an only child, my favorite pastime growing up was to jump on my trampoline, blast music on the boombox, and daydream. For hours. I'd take the fantasy books I was reading and insert myself in them, adding new characters, new plot lines. I'd spend days reimagining a particular scene, getting the setting, the banter, the pacing just right. 


It wasn't until seventh grade that I started turning this now-obvious love of storytelling and revision into writing. I wrote 15 chapters of an epic fantasy loosely inspired by (plagiarizing entirely) Lord of the Rings. It was called The Plight of Gryfferniad. 

That project is long gone to history, but I still write YA fantasy. I am a children’s book editor and writer, a Qoya instructor, and a swing dancer. Some of my loves include jazz music, making playlists, daydreaming, hiking, traveling, and asking big philosophical questions.

As for the Book

A VERY STRANGE ENCHANTED is my third novel-length work. 


The inspiration for it came from a variety of experiences and emotions:

  • falling in love with Circus Juventas and trying out aerial silks and the flying trapeze for myself;

  • a strong belief in the value of art and performance as a way to call for social change;

  • a fervent conviction in our ability to create and shape our own lives;

  • and a desire to give voice to some of the moods I find most compelling—the restlessness of feeling bigger than my own skin, and a joy so big it feels like sadness.


All of these elements can be found in A VERY STRANGE ENCHANTED.

For anyone who hates the phrase "welcome to the real world"...

For creatives and dreamers everywhere...

For those who don't want to merely escape into their dreams but bring them to life...

this book is for you.

Come dream with me.

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